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J. Joyce Law Firm was established in 2006 for the purpose of providing skillful legal representation with unmatched personal service. We are trial lawyers. There is a sharp contrast to those who claim to be litigators versus those who are trial attorneys. Many can claim to be experts in litigation but few can claim to be experts in trial. With over 125 jury trials, J. Joyce Law Firm is the trial experts. We also understand that not all matters need to be tried to obtain a successful conclusion. With the reputation and known experience of trial lawyers, J. Joyce Law Firm is able to leverage our experience on behalf of our clients to obtain the best results.


J. Joyce Law Firm is the right firm for companies who need high quality representation and cost-effective results. As an AV (the best) rated law firm, both national and local insurance companies have relied upon J. Joyce Law Firm to represent not only their insureds, but also the companies themselves. Corporations and small businesses in need of experienced trial attorneys have also become clients of the firm.

J. Joyce Law Firm has experience in defending clients in matters involving personal injury, property damage, products liability, professional liability, breach of contract, employment issues, and construction defects. With over 125 cases tried in state and federal court, hundreds of claims resolved in arbitration proceedings and thousands of cases settled in all forums, J. Joyce Law Firm has the litigation and trial expertise clients demand.


Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience.” We understand the importance of experience, and our experience has led us to success in the courtroom. In this day and age, it seems many lawyers are afraid to go to trial and they do whatever they can to avoid it. At J. Joyce Law Firm, we welcome the opportunity to try cases.

We understand that not every case will make it to trial. We use targeted discovery to get to the heart of the matter and we look for efficient and effective ways to resolve cases. We have found that our reputation as aggressive and competent trial lawyers has enhanced our ability to achieve favorable settlements because opposing counsel knows that we have the experience and ability to win at trial.

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